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annie miebs is natural photography, located in wasilla, alaska. specializing in empowering women in all walks of life; young girlies, tween to 20's, pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

10 Sep 2019

i've always loved this art form.

6 Aug 2016

wilsonville, oregon: capturing my youngest cousin and his beautifully classic bride

the days leading up to the wedding were filled with grey clouds holding that standard oregon drizzle. never one to get too worked up about the weather – wedding day turned to blue skies...

2 Aug 2016

oh my goodness. i know i said i would never do weddings, but here i am, two weddings in one month's time. 

the getting ready, both bride & groom, the buzz of before the big walk down the aisle; it's all so magical. i love these small ceremonies i've been fortunate...

24 Jul 2016

last time i saw these girlies, they could hardly sit up on their own! now, they're on the go, don't-hold-me-mama, ready to explore! 

for their session, the fireweed was past full bloom, leaving just a few flowers near the tippy-top. and, in another month, merely pink st...

4 Mar 2016

back in september, i was fortunate enough to sneak away from my tribe and attend a newborn workshop with some uber-talented ladies from across the midwest; i won the award for farthest traveler, naturally. what a fun weekend! 


the workshop focused on newborn posin...

1 Dec 2015

wouldn't it be fun to have so many siblings? having the pleasure of photographing these five, (plus mom and dad!) was so much fun. i learned a lot too - teasing never ends, there's perks to being the older of the bunch and girls have rank, always.


hope to see you all t...

1 Nov 2015

our halloween evening was chilly, rather unexpectedly with the glorious fall weather that lingered on, thankfully. i grabbed a few snapshots throughout our evening but something about the nikon in my grasp... and of course the (warm!) studio allowed the girls to freely...

1 Nov 2015

i was giggling, oooh-ing and smiling until my cheeks hurt through this entire session! right - how could i not?! (i think i may advertise next year for halloween half sessions...)


little red is so smiley. just such a happy baby. this is now my 4th time photographing th...

26 Oct 2015

this big kid belongs to me. and my husband. but, he's all my boy.


introverted. quiet. thinks well-before he speaks. methodical. reserved. silly humor, best little giggle and a nose smattered with freckles. 


we share a darker hazel eye color, but he has his father's wed...

24 Oct 2015

this time of year, i find myself chasing the light. our long alaskan summer days filled with never-ending sunshine, quickly fade to darkness and sunrises well after 9 am.


on this morning, i had my youngest on a stroll. happily crunching ice, blowing frost from branche...

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