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annie miebs is natural photography, located in wasilla, alaska. specializing in empowering women in all walks of life; young girlies, tween to 20's, pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

hi, i'm annie.


describing my style, i always come back to the word natural – thanks be to my husband that announced "that's what you should call your business." natural. unposed. eye contact, connection, fingers intertwined and hands wrapped around waists & necks... allow that to exist between you and your children, spouse, partner, love, pooch... and less with eyes on me. that's really the extent of my coaching.


i've used the tagline capturing you, as you are for YEARS. but, it really does describe what i aim to provide with each session. and, what ends up being the most common feedback – those pictures are the favorites of the entire gallery.


i'm happiest shooting outdoors, but i do have a warm studio for our long alaskan winter months. simple, clean lines and neutral colors are what you will find upon arrival.


i seek organic – in life, nature and textures. you will find these blend together in my desire to capture the beauty; whether it's a sunset, a freckled face or a belly holding new life.


it's an honor to share my love of photography: capturing you and your people, as you are.