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  • annie miebs


i'm one of those people that sympathy-cries. like, if i watch a movie and someone spills some tears, even if i don't find it moving, i'll cry. someone starts choking up in conversation, i'll lip-quiver with you.

so as i stood at this retirement ceremony on friday evening, watching this man of 24 years and some months, give his speech, thank so many soldiers-turned-friends, AND thank his wife and announce his love for her, i was thankful to him for his service, naturally, but also thankful for my camera in front of my face!

i felt privledge to witness such an event. privledged to be in this man and his entire family's presence.

i'm humbled for knowing these people for a mere 3 hours.

congratulations on your retirement, r! best wishes for your upcoming schooling endeavor!

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