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  • annie miebs

chasing light.

this time of year, i find myself chasing the light. our long alaskan summer days filled with never-ending sunshine, quickly fade to darkness and sunrises well after 9 am.

on this morning, i had my youngest on a stroll. happily crunching ice, blowing frost from branches and galloping in the shadows - two year olds are so much fun and full of curiousity & wonder.

you always hear people saying they want to freeze time, and while i understand that, i also enjoy another extent of childhood - watching a 5 year old dress herself; a 7 year old tie his own shoes; and let's give a round of applause for never buying diapers again!

so rather than wishing upon frozen dandelions or pennies flung into fountains, i capture slices of their life. and on this morning, we got two freezes for the price of one: noses and moments in time.

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