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  • annie miebs

wedded bliss.

oh my goodness. i know i said i would never do weddings, but here i am, two weddings in one month's time.

the getting ready, both bride & groom, the buzz of before the big walk down the aisle; it's all so magical. i love these small ceremonies i've been fortunate to bear witness. maybe, just maybe, i could see myself sliding into a routine of a select few of these special days.

i mean, how could you not?!

tears. they're inevitable. i love these captured moments.

i swear, i could share every single picture from this day! as much as i'm trying to tell their story, i also want to hold onto some as a surprise for the couple. but first, just a few more...

first look.

the belle to his beast; happy ever after

'twas a perfect day to say i do.

dances. many smiles. many swoons. many tears.

tim in the middle. he's been a lineman for many, many years and at times in his career, been the journeyman to these once-apprentices pictured below. he flew up from georgia to give his well wishes to the bride & groom. no fun was had. no laughs exchanged. no bad words, either. at all.

linemen. they're rough and rugged. no other breed like them. they work hard with long hours, often times hundreds of miles away. when the weather is at its worse, they get called out to restore power so everyone else can have warm homes and lights to flip on. when you think they're close to coming home from working a storm call, they're out for another 8 hours.

i know this because i have one of my own. i know the pride and brotherhood that are poured into this profession. this beautiful bride is now an official linewife and that is a title only a select few can understand – and put up with! you have to be strong, steadfast and hold tight to that love.

she's the perfect addition to our linewife community; i think the guys think so, too.

the bouquet.

dare i let the cat outta the bag?! ummm, we forgot this beautiful thang. i can say WE because as a collective bridal team, no one (bride, sister of bride, mother of bride, handful of friends of the bride, me) we all forgot this big gorgeous bouquet – in the refrigerator. wasn't until after the ceremony it came to mind. ah, well. she pulled it off; she's got it like that.

love these so much.

farewell bride + groom, was a most fabulous day.


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