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  • annie miebs

behind the scenes.

whether it's a nursing mother or a break to change a nappy, i love the off-camera stuff. except, nothing is truly off-camera when it comes to me. i love the "un-pretty," because in actuality, life is pretty as it is!

you, are pretty - just as you are!

hair out of place, a glowing sheen across the face, work-stained hands - this is life, well, my familiar life, and i know i can't be the only one!

so mama & grandma changed diapers, big brother looked on with his much earned sucker (that may have been sucker #2...) and i admired the ease of which this new mama to three under 3 handled our 3 hours together. patience, focus and ability to clearly communicate what she wanted - huh?! you JUST had two babies - where's that postpartum fog i know so well?! not in my studio!

bless you, lady, and your fine family!

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