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  • annie miebs

l + d

for years now, i've dreamed of this opportunity: capturing a labor + delivery. i've orchestrated my own, three times over, but to be a part of another lady's?! i mean, it's hard to even suggest that - hello, stranger - allow me the complete honor to not only be at one of the most monumental days of your life, but also be camera-wielding?

so when this couple approached me, i was shocked / elated / excited / nervous / thelistgoesonandonandon!

this young lady was the definition of empowerment. she listened to her body; spoke sweetly at every interaction; was chin-to-chest when the urge to push arrived and proudly held her daughter with a perfectly tousled hair + a stunning glow at the 20-minute postpartum mark!

i can't thank you enough for allowing me this pleasure. much love to your family of three. xx

in the gallery: the story of their daughter's arrival

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