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  • annie miebs

my girls.

my girls were born 2 years and 2 weeks apart. they shared a due date, but like those silly things go, they had their own agenda.

Duey (our middle child) arrived 41.6 weeks after the EDD while Boo Boo arrived at 38 weeks after a stint on bedrest. (like her personality, she was ready to conquer this world!) yep, just as their birthdays go, their personalities follow. Duey is the free spirit. she can't be convinced of a task unless she truly believes it - and stern talkings are often part of our every day because of this strong-willed, own-agenda personality. she has a wicked sense of humor and everyone that knows this orange-headed beauty agrees she'll likely be entertaining us behind a mircophone in the years to come.

her little sister, nicknamed Boo Boo, well, she's the definition of a third child, the baby of the family. she has all of us wrapped around her chubby starfish finger, and she knows it. she's only 2-and-some-months but talks in sentences. she teases, is superloud, screams in delight while wrinkling her nose and loves her big brother more than anyone else in our fam.

these girls have changed me for the better (isn't that the point?!) and i'm loving this journey of watching their sisterhood unfold.

happy almost-birthday(s), sisters!

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