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  • annie miebs


last time i saw these girlies, they could hardly sit up on their own! now, they're on the go, don't-hold-me-mama, ready to explore!

for their session, the fireweed was past full bloom, leaving just a few flowers near the tippy-top. and, in another month, merely pink stalks will remain. i do love these magenta darlings. standing tall, so proud of all their beauty and plentiful blossoms. sounding off as the half-way point to summer and then the final hurrah into autumn.

this was a girls only session; sisters, auntie & her nieces, mama with her daughters. plenty of squinty-sunshiny-smiles, adoring looks exchanged and giggles from all of us behind the lens.

mama had them matching in denim and dada had them matching in curls.

thanks again, ladies, for the wonderful afternoon!

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